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Paradise Coffee
Let us create your special order from our outstanding selections, hand roast it to fit your needs, and ship it fresh to your home. Ready to order?

African Coffees Price per #
Kenya AA $9.00
Tanzania Pea berry $9.00
Central American Coffees Price per #
Costa Rican Tarazzu $9.00
Costa Rican "La Minita" estate $11.00
Columbian Supremo $9.00
Guatamala Estate Antigua $9.00
Chuck's Secret Blend $9.00
Nicaraguran Prime $9.00
South American Coffees Price per #
Bolivian Estate Organic $9.00
Hawaiian Coffees Price per #
Kauai Estate Prime $10.00
Kona Estate Prime $17.00
Organic Coffees Price per #
Papua New Guinea $9.00
Bolivian Estate $9.00
Chinese Yun Jia $9.00
Espresso Blend Price per #
Malabar Gold Espresso $10.00
Indonesian Coffees Price per #
Yemen Moka $11.00
Sumatra $9.00
Java Estate $9.00
Other Speciality "Coffees" Price per #
Jamaican Blue Mountain $30.00
French Roast $9.00
DeCaf Coffees Price per #
Costa Rican $9.00
Guatemalan $9.00
Columbian $9.00
Specialty Coffees
All - $ 9.99 per pound
French Vanilla
White Chocolate Mousse
Butterscotch Creme
Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Chocolate Raspberrry
Cinnamon Hazelnut
Cookie Doodle
Banana Hazelnut
Southern Pecan
Blueberry Hill
Russian Tea Cake
Irish Creme
Chocolate Mocha Mint
Vanilla Nut
Carmel Creme
Chocolate Almond
Maple Nut
Hawaiian Hazelnut
Chocolate Orange
Hazelnut Creme
Creme Brulee

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