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The only telephone number you need for helping California's animals during disasters and to get the facts for news stories for broadcast to the public right along with other agency emergency phone numbers is: 1-800-655-2862.

This phone number is the Command Center at the California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) headquarters. Dial to:

  • Receive media updates.
  • Report animals in need of rescue, evacuation, treatment, or shelter.
  • Volunteer services & supplies.
  • Offer fenced property for animal evacuations.
  • Donate money to assist in caring for California's animals during disasters.
  • Receive instructions on reuniting animals with owners.
  • Order disaster preparedness pet emergency kits.
Fire Information: (909) 383-5608
Crest Forest Fire Department :

(909) 338-3311

San Bernardino County
Sheriff Department:
(909) 337-6131
(909) 336-0600
San Bernardino County
Animal Control:

(800) 472-5609
Calif. Hwy. Patrol -Road Conitions

909-337-snow (7669)
County of San Bernardino Human & Animal Evacuation Plans
Dennis West, Emergency Services Officer
San Bern. Co. Fire Department Office of Emergency Services.
(909) 356-3998
Fax: (909) 356-3965
San Bernardino & Riverside
(OES Region VI) Area Coordinator:
Linda Khachatoorian, RVT (714) 963-0909
San Bernardino & Riverside
(OES Region VI) City of Riverside Area
Coordinator: Marion Hammarlund, DVM (951) 687-2372